Mid-Senior Design professional seeking to join a diverse team where I can leverage my well-rounded skill set and extensive knowledge in multi-disciplinary mediums of design. With a background in graphic design and print production management, I am well-equipped to collaborate with a cross-functional team, solve complex brand initiatives from a design lens and drive those strategic initiatives forward to contribute to the overall success of the business.

I have been working in the digital print industry since 2005. I currently excel in activation logistics, content management and vendor relations. My role as Activation Solutions Manager was the most challenging and showcases my talents and expertise as a skilled production manager, while bringing my knowledge of succeeding through aggressive deadlines to get the job done. 
I bring structure, process, organization and a work ethic that far surpasses all expectations; most of all, promoting a fun working environment that encourages learning and collaboration as a part of the process. My strengths as a graphic designer have informed my production workflow by being able to troubleshoot and work my way around a design problem; whether technical or conceptual.  My production equipment knowledge far exceeds that of most, I can visualize and conceptualize the final product taking into consideration budget and turn-around time. I also have working relationships with national vendors to come up with the most cost effective solution for brand activation. The experience I have from being a professor teaching design fundamentals gives me a critical eye to catch any errors before they head out for delivery; saving time and money, keeping the budget at the forefront of the business model. 

My former role as ASM sharpened my skills even further than I could’ve anticipated and the combination of my education and work experience has prepared me for the next steps of my career. 

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